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Across the globe, the number and magnitude of product recalls has increased significantly in recent years. Many would have seen the ads on social media posts or news stories calling for the likes of milky vegan pies, metal-spiked muffin splits, poisonous fish, and more recently, mice infested.

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3 Advantages of Spiral vs Traditional Track Systems

3 Advantages of Spiral vs Traditional Track Systems

Posted by Simeon Prestidge on 17 August 2020 2:59:45 PM

With all the different door types and configurations out there, it's getting harder to find the perfect door solution for your facility, but that's where we come in. In case you haven't  come across the spiral door configuration before, spirals are really the perfect blend of both the roller door and sectional door configurations, with a good dose of extra speed, but it goes deeper than that. Here are 3 advantages of the Ulti Spiral Door over against traditional sectional and roller doors.


1. No Contact Operation

With traditional roller doors the door curtain rolls over on itself. This greatly reduces the expected lifespan of the product, especially in harsh environments, and increases the operating noise because you get metal rubbing on metal, causing maintenance headaches and wear on the door curtain. In dusty and dirty environments  roller doors also pick up and transfer dirt and grime across the whole face of the door as they roll over on themselves.

Spiral trackThe slats of the Ulti Spiral however are guided in a spiral CNC routered groove, for fast opening speeds, low maintenance, and precise door travel. The no-contact spiral technology means the slats never touch, roll, or fold upon themselves, meaning there is no wear on the door sections, ensuring a great long-lasting appearance, and eliminating the transfer of dirt and grime from one panel to another.


2. Versatile

Sectional doors are very commonly used in loading areas of facilities all over the country, but are the really the best option? The issues they cause with their complicated overhead track systems, and large number of moving parts, with wheels and torsion springs etc, it's a maintenance nightmare in the making.

Spiral slatThe unique counterweighted drive system on the Ulti Spiral has no springs, and less moving parts, with the patented wheel-less, spiral track system. This means fewer maintenance headaches and more reliability, with an exceptional life span, giving you complete peace of mind, and maintenance savings. It also does not require anchoring to the ceiling. With low headroom track options and an already small footprint, it's perfect for tight spaces, where the traditional over head tracks of sectional doors just wouldn't work. The Ulti Spiral also boasts some serious thermal insulating credentials and acoustic properties, by using insulated dual-wall slats. This allows you to maximise your energy savings at even the biggest access points of your facility, and eliminating the need for using insulated sectional doors.


3. Quick Acting

Sectional doors and roller doors are both slow moving beasts, meaning that it's not uncommon for a second high speed door to be installed along with a slow moving secure roller door, to keep the productivity of the doorway up, but that doesn't need to be, there's a better way.

ULTI SPIRAL BMP DOOR_v10With opening and closing speeds of up to 2m/sec, the Ulti Spiral is over 6 x faster than traditional sectional doors,  reducing cycle times, and maximising energy savings, and productivity at your facility. By combining insulation, speed and security together into the one door, the Ulti Spiral removes the need to have both a slow secure roller shutter door and a high-speed fabric door in one doorway. The Ulti Spiral door ensures the security and integrity of your facility at all times - intruder proof, but fast.


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