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5 Reasons Why The Ulti Roll Entry Is Worth The Cost

We know what you're thinking, rapid doors = huge expense.

Not anymore.


Your swing doors are taking a beating, the hinges are starting to wear out, the panels are scratched and dirty, maintenance costs are skyrocketing, and everyone is tired of the noise and effort of crashing through those swing doors...you need a rapid door, and the one for you is the Ulti Roll Entry.

We hear you and it's true that a rapid door is more expensive upfront, but only just. In fact, for a standard double door opening, you could typically expect to pay just 12% more (as of June 2022). And it only gets better from there. 

Think about it, every time you crash through a swing door, you add to the wear and tear, reducing the door's useful life and increasing the likelihood of maintenance costs to keep it in good condition. What if you could almost eliminate maintenance costs with a self-lubricating, self-repairing, rapid door, that adds more speed, and takes up less space... How much would the savings be? 

You'll be surprised at just how simply you can justify the cost of a Rapid Door in place of your high use internal doors.  It's what the Ulti Roll Entry is designed for, after all. So let's break it down.


1. Minimise the Risk of Damage

We're talking damage to the door, your products, and your people.

Every day, your high-use Swing Doors are put under huge stress, due to trolleys being forced through them, and the high frequency of opening. Gradually, this causes the hinges and the panels/buffers to wear out, get scratched and dirty and increases the likelihood of maintenance and repair costs to keep them in shape. On top of that, forcing trolleys loaded with products through a solid door can cause damage to the products if the products themselves directly impact the door or if the impact is too hard. And then there is the pressure on your staff, and the potential for injuries.

On the other hand, the Ulti Roll Entry is much more durable and low maintenance. In the event of an accidental impact, the curtain simply unzips from the side guides and then reinserts itself in the guides and continues operating without any hassle or downtime. Moreover, the speed of operation reduces the chance of it being impacted in the first place which similarly reduces the risk of product damage and potential harm for your staff.


2. Ensure a greater seal

In a similar vein, product damage is also often a result of poor sealing which allows pests and unwanted air transfer between areas. Over time, the frequent use of a Swing Door can cause the door to stop sealing properly in the opening, leaving a gap between the panels (if it's a double door), or against the jamb. This is where the Ulti Roll Entry being more airtight is a further bonus. The curtain remains firmly sealed in the side guides whilst closed, and only remains open for the shortest time required during operation which ensures a better and more constant seal against pests, vermin and also air transfer. 


3. Improve Productivity through high-use doorways

With fast operating speeds and touchless operation, the Ulti Roll Entry is also super easy and convenient to use, and most importantly, it will maximise productivity in your workplace! No stopping to crash-through, plus increased flow, and ultimately improved efficiencies, which all goes towards protecting your bottom-line. Ask yourself, what's the point of a high-use doorway if it's not efficient?


4. Allow yourself greater flexibility

Designed specifically as a high-speed door for narrow pedestrian doorways or hallways, the innovative, ultra-compact design of the Ulti Roll Entry includes low-profile side frames, and compact header with integrated brushless motor and control panel. This means the Ulti Roll Entry uses significantly less floor area and wall space than traditional hinged and swing doors, and can easily be fit into tight spaces for a smarter, future-proofed solution. Plus, should you ever need to relocate the door or change the curtain design, the Ulti Roll Entry’s plug and play design makes it easy to move the whole unit or simply replace the curtain. That's flexibility!


5. Invest in a door that's not just functional

Whilst its aesthetic qualities may not necessarily provide any cost benefit per say, you have to agree that compared to a Swing Door, the Ulti Roll Entry looks a whole lot smarter! And how about the ability to customise?! With optional curtain printing, it is easy to promote your brand, and increase signage in the workplace on a much larger surface area! Finally, its Brushless DC motor ensures that it is a very quiet operating door, making it a more refined product perfect for the storeroom to shop floor.


So what are you waiting for? Ready to make the change? Get in touch to get the ball, or should we say door, rolling!

It's the Door so simple, you'll forget it's there.

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