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Every Industry has an obligation to protect their most important assets; their people, products, and equipment. The Food Industry however, more so than any other industry, requires strict compliance with hygiene control standards at the same time and thus their protective solutions must meet.

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Forklift Driver Accidents - 5 Ways To Stop Beating Up Your Facility

Forklift Driver Accidents - 5 Ways To Stop Beating Up Your Facility

Posted by Ulti Bob on 21 April 2017 2:10:22 PM

In industrial environments where heavy machinery is operated, hazards are everywhere. In particular, forklift traffic can present a significant hazard to personnel and property. 

Here are some of the best ways to prevent forklift trucks from damaging your facility:

1. Improve Visibility: 

The more a driver can see, the more safely they can perform. Adequate lighting allows drivers to safely drive through the aisles. Wide-angled convex mirrors can be mounted on walls and at the ends of aisles to give forklift drivers an increased ability to observe their surroundings and reduce occurrence of accidents. Blue light that lights up when reversing as a warning signal can also be installed on forklifts.

Doors can be built to be partially or completely transparent to provide better light. Sectional doors may also have glazed panels or vision panels so drivers can easily see if someone’s on the other side of the door.

Advanced warning technology, like the Safe T Signal, where flashing lights alert personnel of approaching traffic through intersections or where there is obstructed visibility, can also be installed.

2. Driver training and Speed 

Drivers following speed limits and general safety practices would greatly contribute on preventing damages and could help secure every worker’s safety. 

3. Regular Inspection and Repair

Daily, pre-shift inspection of forklift trucks should be done and a short checklist for inspection can be made for truck drivers. Any sign of damage on the truck should be reported and repaired.

4. Racking Protection

There are several options available to safe guard your facility and prevent or limit loss from these impacts. Modern products are now widely available in the market such as impactable racking protectors.


Prevent racking collapse caused by forklifts especially on tight and narrow aisles. Plastic racking protection system virtually eliminates pallet racking damage by absorbing the force of a forklifts impact, therefore improving safety and decreasing rack repair costs. Rack Sentry protectors save your pallet racking from accidental knocks. They surround the racking with a cushion of air, flexing under impact and protecting the vehicle, vehicle driver and racking.

5. Separation of Driveways and Walk Ways

Clearly defining where forklifts can drive and pass through and where pedestrians can walk through can save lives. This can be done using a simple floor marking tape whilst a retractable traffic barrier can provide an economical, effective visual and physical barrier to help keep people and material handling equipment out of harm’s way.

These impactable gates protect staff and go easy on the forklift

A steel frame gate can provide heavy duty protection for pedestrians from traffic, and increase their awareness of traffic, improving personnel safety around your site.

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