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Every Industry has an obligation to protect their most important assets; their people, products, and equipment. The Food Industry however, more so than any other industry, requires strict compliance with hygiene control standards at the same time and thus their protective solutions must meet.

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6 Ways to Identify Energy Wastage

6 Ways to Identify Energy Wastage

Posted by Simeon Prestidge on 19 November 2018 2:48:00 PM

Many cold stores in New Zealand battle high temperatures in the summer months with inadequate door and dock access-way systems in place, leading to large spikes in energy costs and dangerous working environments from ice build-up. Identifying leakage allows you to put measures in place to reduce this loss, making your facility significantly more efficient, and profitable.

How can I reduce energy usage and my electricity bill at my facility?

One way is to get in touch with Ulti Group and we can do a free onsite assessment with our infrared camera to check gaps on doorways and dock ways, in and around your building (photo to the right).

We can also provide a report from our custom designed energy saving calculator designed by an NZ professor to compare traditional methods to an efficient high speed freezer door. The program has shown that by installing the right doors into a facility, you can save thousands per year  in energy costs.

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If you'd like a consultant to take a look at your facility, give a call on 0800 807 753 or email hello@ultigroup.co.nz 

How do we know when our facility is wasting too much energy?Here are some of the signs:

Openings and gaps on closed doors and dock loading areas

Doors and docks should be properly sealed to ensure optimum climate control within the room or building. Light shining through is an obvious sign of wastage, and is most often seen around  loading docks.

gapsUlti Group has an infrared camera which helps to find what areas of your facility are leaking air (either cold or warm) by taking infrared photos to show where cold or hot patches are around doorways, seals, dock ways, etc.

This is the perfect tool to use in conjunction with our more general Energy Assessment Tool to show just how critical it is to your facility to have properly sealing docks and doors.

Door open and close times

Once the chiller door opens, the hot air goes in and condenses when it hits the cold air. This causes mist, and because the hot air rises, it goes up to the ceiling and turns into ice. The longer the door is open the more hot air gets in, and the more snow and ice is created, creating dangerous working conditions.

ulti-flex-ulti-door-systems-high-speed-bi-parting-freezer-door-2Manual doorways on chiller and freezers present a large risk in this area. The hassle factor to the forklift driver means they would often leave these doors wide open as they complete their work, causing significant energy loss and ice buildup.

A lot of automatic doors are also too slow and inefficient, especially those advancing in age. Minimising cycle times while increasing the productivity of the doorway is an art, and one Ulti Group has been mastering for decades.

Frequent opening and closing of doors cannot be prevented, but doors with fast cycle times save significant amounts of energy. 

Mist going into a freezer and Ice Build-up

Mist going into the freezer and Ice build-up on the ceiling of freezers, 

Ulti Group can save you from icy freezers

chillers and fans within chillers or freezers are not just indications of energy loss, but also of overwork by that equipment to maintain correct  temperatures. This leads to burn-out and increased maintenance costs to keep the stressed equipment running.

Damaged doors and dock seals 

Damage should always be repaired as soon as possible. Regular maintenance of heating, ventilation, cooling and refrigeration systems is important for good operation and to avoid energy wastage. Maintenance seems like a painful cost at the time, but if you consider how costly downtime can be at a coolstore, it's worth spending the time consulting with experts like Ulti Group, to ensure you have the right doors and service packages to ensure you sufficiently manage your risk.

Ulti flex-1

One of the ultimate options in freezer doors is our very own Ulti-Flex Door. Check out this testimonial video of Ian Martin from Foodstuffs, telling us how upgrading to the Ulti-flex bi-parting freezer door system has improved their site.

Fastrax FR







Another great option is our Fastrax FR - High Speed Freezer Door

A high speed insulated freezer door that has the tightest and most reliable seal, the largest variety of track configurations, and a true knock-out and auto re-feed feature.


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