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Typically used in manufacturing or scientific research, a clean-room is any given contained space where provisions are made to reduce particulate contamination and control other environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure. To be exact, a clean-room has a controlled level.

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Fire Doors: Struggling to Find NZ Certified Doors?

Fire Doors: Struggling to Find NZ Certified Doors?

Posted by Ulti Bob on 22 January 2018 10:45:00 AM

Word on the street is that it is really hard to find the right Fire Door in New Zealand. Working through the documentation to ensure it is a good solution for fire engineers, materials, performance and so on. There are a lot of doors on the market and it is hard to cut through the noise to find the right one. 

Finding the perfect solution for your environment can save lives, save your building and save your business.

Here at Ulti Group we've been teaching and training our staff about fires in facilities, and how fire doors are used to prevent these from spreading and can be used to protect assets and lives. This is to support our full range and industries below.

• Fire Doors for Coldstorage Facilities
• Fire Doors for Dairy Factories
• Fire Doors for Logistics and Warehousing Facilities
• Fire Doors for Hospitals
• Fire Doors for Swimming Pools and Leisure Centers
• Fire Doors for Commercial Buildings

The great thing is - we don't just provide standard fire doors. You can choose just how you want your fire door 'kitted out', whether it needs to be insulated, hygienic, radiation proof, corrosion proof, the list of options goes on. 

If you've watched the video above, you would have noticed Fire Rated Smoke Curtains turn up at the end. Well, in the event of a fire, these are activated to drop down, blocking off specific areas of a building to protect assets and people from fire. These are commonly used in supermarkets, shopping malls and all range of commercial and industrial buildings.

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