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Every Industry has an obligation to protect their most important assets; their people, products, and equipment. The Food Industry however, more so than any other industry, requires strict compliance with hygiene control standards at the same time and thus their protective solutions must meet.

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FRP Lead-Lined and Hermetic Doors - New!

FRP Lead-Lined and Hermetic Doors - New!

Posted by Ulti Bob on 11 May 2016 1:57:50 PM


Ulti Group has a range of seamless x-ray doors that are ideally suited to hospitals, laboratories and other clean areas where hygiene and x-ray protection are of utmost importance.

Our Lead-lined door sets incorporate lead sheeting in a range of thicknesses. This protection extends through the door frames, forming an effective barrier to radiation in all directions. These specialist lead-lined doors can be supplied in a wide variety of styles and specifications to meet resistance to the passage of x-rays in accordance with international codes and standards.

Our x-ray doors have a smooth and seamless construction which is free from voids or ledges where bacteria can build up. All doors are manufactured to have an equal appearance to doors without lead protection. Our x-ray doors are available with fire resistance, sound reduction, air pressure control and lead-lined vision panels.

✓ Fully sealed, ultra clean construction
✓ User defined lead protection
✓ Non fire rated or fire rated
✓ Hinged, sliding or hermetic sliding
✓ Available with lead-lined vision panels & factory-fitted hardware
✓ Integral Colour
✓ Standard or custom sizes
✓ Manual or automatic


These air-tight sliding doors have been specifically designed for use in Operating Theatres, Isolation wards, Mortuaries, X-ray and Recovery rooms. Sliding doors require much less space than hinged doors and when operated, produce far less air disturbance as they slice through the air. When closed, the unique patented track system allows the door to move down/in under its own weight (see bottom right picture) and in conjunction with a continuous neoprene gasket, it seals perfectly against the floor and frame.

The efficiency of the seal has been officially tested and results show it to be over 99% effective. Thus, helping to reduce air handling costs, the incidence of wound infections and cross contamination. Furthermore, sound insulation is significantly increased, giving quieter conditions for the medical teams and increasing patient comfort.

Key Features of a Fiberglass Hermetic Door:

• Controls air leakage
• Lower air handling costs
• Reduces cross contamination
• Smooth hygienic surface
• Safe, reliable, low maintenance
• No floor track required
• Good sound reduction creates quiet working environment

Patented Track System:
The unique patented track system is angled at 45 degrees and special indentations allow the bearings to roll down and in enabling the door using its own weight to seal perfectly against the frame and floor.

GRP Medical Doors offer a hermetic seal

For more information on our line of FRP lead-lined and hermetic doors call 0800 807 753 or email sales@ultigroup.co.nz

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