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Every Industry has an obligation to protect their most important assets; their people, products, and equipment. The Food Industry however, more so than any other industry, requires strict compliance with hygiene control standards at the same time and thus their protective solutions must meet.

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The Glaring Problem At Your Loading Dock

The Glaring Problem At Your Loading Dock

Posted by Ulti Bob on 12 August 2015 9:07:33 AM

You need a way to ship and receive goods so you have loading dock positions, which are effectively large holes (2.7m x 3m or 3m x 3m) in your facility wall. With a truck in place and the door open, large spaces surround all sides of the trailer where wind, rain, dust, bugs and other contaminants can enter your facility and expensive energy can escape.

So you’ve invested in a dock seal or shelter to help minimize the gaps around the truck trailer. Yet, you are still able to see areas of light on the sides, in the corners, and along the top. These areas of light indicate gaps that are allowing good things to leave your facility and bad things to enter it.

Getting a good fit around all sides of a trailer has been a big challenge – until now. In a single piece of equipment, the Eclipse Dock Shelter provides a tight seal across the trailer top, all the way up the sides, and at the corners.

Sealing the Top
Along the top of the trailer, an exclusive weighted head curtain applies over 45kg of pressure across the full width of the trailer top. This gravity-based system keeps the curtain in constant contact with the trailer during loading and unloading.

Sealing the Sides
Durable GapMaster™ hooks wrap around swing-open trailer doors, sealing the hinge gaps that amount to nearly a square meter of open air if left unsealed.

Sealing the Corners
Innovative fabric corner pockets connect the Eclipse side curtains to the weighted header, sealing an area that ordinary shelters don’t address.

Sealing these gaps can save you thousands of dollars per year in energy costs, protect products from weather-related damage, keep employees safe and comfortable, and help prevent contaminants from entering your facility.

But wait! The job isn’t completed. Why would you seek the tightest seal around three sides of the door opening, but leave the fourth, bottom side unsealed?

Daylight can be seen through the seal - letting precious energy out and nasties in.

Sealing the Bottom
Below and around the leveler, the Under Leveller Seal provides a barrier against environmental infiltration and energy loss. Large gaps inside and outside of the building are sealed with the Under Leveller Seal curtains, lip corner seals, filler pads, bumper covers and other components.

Working together, the Eclipse Shelter and Under Leveller Seal provide the industry’s only complete, four-sided seal at the loading dock.


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