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Every Industry has an obligation to protect their most important assets; their people, products, and equipment. The Food Industry however, more so than any other industry, requires strict compliance with hygiene control standards at the same time and thus their protective solutions must meet.

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Ulti Group wants to help you identify Expensive leaks 

Ulti Group wants to help you identify Expensive leaks 

Posted by Ulti Bob on 27 May 2016 8:24:06 AM

Tip: All leaks are all expensive!

Only recently have we really started using our infrared camera on a regular basis, and have shown the benefits of this small yet expensive piece of equipment. 

They are so simple to use. Simply aim the cross hairs at a point on the object and it will tell you the temperature of that area of the image, as well as give you the maximum and minimum temperatures within the shot you are taking.

There are hundreds of things that can be read from the one photo. 

If you have an industrial freezer door, just by holding the infrared camera up to the door you can easily see where the cold air is leaking around the door and then go to work on reducing that leakage.

Ulti Group will help you identify leakage at your cold/cool store

See the image above - taken of a doorway with only damaged PVC Strip curtains covering it. We can see that the coldest part of the photo is -27.3 degrees Celsius, and the warmest 4.6 degrees Celsius, and where the cross hairs are is -8.5 degrees Celsius. Some quite cold air leaking out there!

Clearly a poorly insulated door system will be far and away less efficient and more costly to run versus a fully insulated 100% sealed system. 

Stop giving your money to the power companies! Call us today for a free analysis of your site. 

Great example of a power-saving and efficient product

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