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Every Industry has an obligation to protect their most important assets; their people, products, and equipment. The Food Industry however, more so than any other industry, requires strict compliance with hygiene control standards at the same time and thus their protective solutions must meet.

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Replacement Sectional Door Panels

Replacement Sectional Door Panels

Posted by Ulti Bob on 19 March 2016 7:56:57 PM

Replacement Sectional Door Panels are necessary for when something happens to your sectional door or dock door panels. 

Repairing or replacing door panels is key to maintaining efficiency within your dock environment. 

This video shows the industrial door panel replacement solution for your damaged sectional doors. You can reduce your energy and maintenance costs by replacing your damaged bottom sectional door panels with the Rite-Flex Door Panel.

Are your dock doors strong enough and flexible enough to handle hard abuse?

Conventional dock doors were not designed to withstand impact but it happens every day, with damaged door panels and tracks resulting costly maintenance and downtime and lost productivity. These panels are flexible and strong and designed to withstand multiple impacts.

They are available as a full door or replacement panels, to repair any sectional door of a similar type on your site, if it has been impacted or damaged.

They are available in either a 50mm or 75mm thickness, and flex when they are hit, up to 300mm – which is unheard of with any other sectional door system!

The panels have interlocking PVC slits that fit together, and allow seals to be added at the top and bottom of the panels.

Translucent acrylic panels or traditional glass windows can be added to reduce energy use and create a pleasant workplace. Ventilation panels can be added to allow for free airflow through the door.

Also, check out our Insulated Sectional Doors. 


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