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High-Tech Solutions for Safety and Efficiency

Safety solutions are becoming more and more high-tech with technological innovations and advancement making many solutions visual and contactless to maximise safety as well as hygiene.

Loading docks and doorways in a busy cold or dry storage or warehousing facility come with their own set of risks. From pedestrian and forklift driver safety to ensuring your doors and docks are protected from bumps, scrapes, and impacts, safety systems have come a long way in the last few years. 

Systems that have been designed to increase efficiency and safety in the dock loading area and throughout the plant, whilst minimising risks, unnecessary delays, and costly accidents.

Maximum efficiency and safety can be tailored to your environment with the right tools and devices. Let's take a look at some of the latest  communication and control systems that can drastically increase your efficiency and safety in a fast-paced environment.


LED Lights Dock Safety Lights

Heavy Duty LED Dock Light

LED Dock Lights improve visibility inside the trailer whilst saving energy as compared to incandescent lights. They are longer-lasting, durable, impact-resistant and features a multi-articulating arm to direct the light to where it is needed.

LED lights with motion sensing technology such as the Flex Neck dim after a period of inactivity which saves energy. Light also reduces when forklift trucks are backing up to avoid unnecessary strain on the eyes.


Dock System Control Box

Dock Commander

A customised sequence of operation reduces the chances of human error and unsafe practices.

The Dok-Commander integrates multiple dock loading controls into a centralised panel for an easy to use dock system.  Essentially, controls for multiple devices including vehicle restraint, truck leveler, dock leveler, dock door and dock shelter cen be interlocked and sequenced to ensure maximum safety. Additionally, a monitor for an outside camera view (Lok-Vu) can be displayed inside the Dok-Commander control box to help you confirm when a trailer is present, secured, or when any challenge arises, all without stepping outside.


Loading Dock Motion Sensors

motion sensors

Given the limited visibility inside docked trailers, loading and unloading them can be hazardous to workers both on and off of forklifts. Workers on the loading dock often can’t see what’s happening inside the trailer and a light signal can alert them to someone being inside the trailer. Motion sensors such as the Pedestrian-VU can be installed on each side of the dock. These sensors would detect activity inside of a trailer and communicate a warning, using an intense flashing blue light on the dock leveler, to pedestrians or forklift operators around the loading dock.


Hazard Recognition and Control System

Ped View GIF

Modern technological advances such as the Rite-Vu™ System can greatly improve safety and efficiency in your loading docks. This is a combination of components that can detect, communicate and control potential hazards at the loading dock. It consists of four different products including  Approach-Vu, Pedestrian-Vu, Corner-Vu and Leveler-Vu. These safety devices work together to ultimately create a safer and more productive loading dock environment.


If you're interested in finding out more about these contactless, high-tech visual devices to maximise the safety and efficiency at your facility, our experienced team can help design the ultimate solution that works for your specific needs. For solutions you can trust - trust Ulti.

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