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The traditional way to approach controlling the temperature in refrigeration spaces is to install heavy, slow and  rigid doors. Refrigerated spaces are designed to trap cold inside and keep heat and humidity out, after all. However, there are five key reasons why these traditional doors are no.

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How to Create a Protection Screen against COVID-19

How to Create a Protection Screen against COVID-19

Posted by Simeon Prestidge on 20 April 2020 3:00:00 PM

COVID-19, like the flu, can be spread from person to person. When a person who has COVID-19 coughs, sneezes or talks, they may spread droplets containing the virus a short distance, which quickly settle on surrounding surfaces or people. You may get infected by the virus if you touch those surfaces or objects and then you touch your mouth, nose or eyes. Physical distancing or protection screens are both proven ways to reduce the risk of spreading viruses.

Many people, particularly nursing staff, cashiers, shopkeepers, line workers, and also queuing members of the public, are today potentially confronted with the risk of COVID-19, and all have the need of physical protection and separation or physical distancing measures, and with the government announcing recently that physical distancing will continue long into the future, the need to create new systems, processes and guidelines for your facility is of all importance right now.

Physical separation isn't necessarily easy to apply though, especially in places welcoming public foot traffic and therefore opening the doors to people that could be carriers of viruses. You need a well thought out solution not just at the doors and front end of your facility, but all throughout, to properly protect the public and your staff from harm.

PVC screens, PVC panels and strips can be used to makes transparent protective screens for shop counters, and other applications. Solutions such as these protect your staff who are in contact with public, reducing the spread of viruses.

Here's some of the ideas we have seen using PVC:

Meat processing plant

PVC Partitions







PVC Sheet Partitions between workers, PVC Strip and PVC Sheet Protection between shop assistants and the public, are both great examples of how you can help prepare your store or facility to comply with safe work practicses.

med screenScreens


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Physical distancing for most stores starts at the door. People line up 2m apart waiting their turn to enter. Does your store have a suitable weather proof covering allowing you to line customers up outside it? With winter here now with a vengeance, this is something that a lot of stores are looking at, to ensure a positive customer experience.

Here's some of solutions we've seen working well:

Siteshield Shelter



San tent

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