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How To Rodent Proof Your Facility With High Speed Doors

It is often said that the most threatening pest in the food industry is the rodent. And as the colder months begin to set in, it becomes only too clear why. Rodents have been implicated in over 55 widespread diseases, with a range of pathogens stretching from parasitic worms to viruses and as they look for warm areas with plenty of food, your food processing facility is their favourite spot. 

At Ulti Group, we're all about protecting the food industry in New Zealand with innovative solutions for potential problems such as this.  Products such as our brand new Ulti EX5 High Speed Door help keep your facility clean and clear of wild mice, rats, birds and more.  Because in the first place, pests such as rodents, should be kept out at the door. 

What damage can rodents cause in your facility?

Pests can enter your food processing facility through the supply chain, in the ingredients or packaging, and the facility itself will attract pests through food odours and lighting. Rats and mice are attracted by food supplies and do not venture far from their shelter or nesting sites, so in a large facility will nest close to accessible food stores.

Rats and mice are capable of a rapid increase in population given an abundant food supply, due to the number of litters they are capable of producing and the time to maturity, shelter from predators and benign environmental conditions inside a building.


Most rats are seed-eaters, but when short of food they will eat almost anything. And in order to reach previously inaccessible areas, they will gnaw through anything in their way which can cause considerable damage to your facility, ruin your stock, and expose wires which can become a serious fire hazard. Any damage they may cause to machinery could also lead to production downtime, something a recent Rentokill survey found 20% of companies have experienced in the past.

And the problem only begins there. Along access routes, and in food stores or packaging, rodents will wreck havoc, contaminating everything in their path with urine, droppings, and filth picked up from the environment. This could lead to the transmission of a large number of diseases into your food products, including Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, Toxoplasmosis, Lyme disease, rat-bite fever, amongst more. Rodents are also known to carry parasites such as ticks, fleas, lice and mites and are therefore also harbours for the diseases that these carry.

Essentially,  not taking adequate measures to prevent and control pests can lead to substantial financial costs to the business from stock and product loss, product recall, loss of reputation and legal action that could ultimately cause the closure of the business.

Why Rapid Doors are the Solution

There are many prevention and extermination procedures that you could implement to help prevent issues arising from rodent infestations. One of the most effective strategies however, is having a well designed facility, utilising rapid doors to hinder access for rodents in the first place.

Furthermore, by segmenting your facility and keeping important areas consistently sealed you can create multiple controlled zones and make pest control much easier. Essentially, rapid doors are designed for keeping secure food areas open for the minimum amount of time possible and firmly sealed for the rest of it.

Installing a traditional door to the external of your building, or leaving your dock loading area unsealed, without taking into account the risk of vermin and pest ingress is a common mistake. Vermin proof seals should be a top priority at any food manufacturers facility.


High Speed Doors-1dock seal


As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Pest management and food safety must be a primary priority in every food processing and storage facility and no matter the size of your facility or the type of food you produce, Ulti Group have the right products for you. Get in touch with us today to find a solution to keep those filthy rodents out of your facility this winter!


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