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Differences Between a Loading Dock Leveller Vs Edge of Dock Leveller

Differences Between a Loading Dock Leveller Vs Edge of Dock Leveller

Posted by Simeon Prestidge on 20 February 2019 8:58:32 AM

Dock Levellers are generally used to bridge the gap between the warehouse loading area and truck trailer floors. This is where workers and forklift trucks pass through when loading or unloading products to or from the trailer/warehouse for transport.

Dock levellers are usually made of steel and should ensure a smooth transition between the trailer bed and the dock floor. There are different types of dock levellers depending on its application and mechanism. 

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container-dock-levellers-ulti-dock-loading-systemsLoading Dock Levellers are mounted within a loading dock pit and can be raised up and adjusted at a wide range of angles to connect the dock with the trailer bed. This then creates a safe bridge where workers and forklifts can pass through. They are very useful in situations where dock heights vary from the trailer bed height.


grp-edge-of-dock-leveller-main-ulti-group-dock-levellersThe Edge of Dock leveller, on the other hand, is a simple dock to truck leveller. It is designed to be mounted directly to the dock face or to the edge of the dock. It has a lip that can be raised up, extended and lowered to bridge to dock to the trailer bed.

This leveller offers less flexibility in handling varying dock and trailer heights but are ideal for trucks with minimal height difference or if minimal space around the dock. They are easier to install and require lesser investment compared to loading dock levellers.

If your dock height doesn't vary much from your trailer bed height then the edge of dock leveller is the perfect solution.

Depending on your application and specifications, you can opt to install either a loading dock leveller or an edge of dock leveller to suit your needs.  With over 25 years in the industry, we will be able to  recommend the best solution for your needs. Talk to us today!

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