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Argon - Unitec Project

Argon - Unitec Project

Posted by Ulti Bob on 15/11/2017 3:14:42 PM

New welding bay screens and PVC Curtains installed at the Welding Workshops of the Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland.

Unitec is the largest Institute of Technology in Auckland, offering employment-focused education including several practical hands-on fabrication and welding courses. Students spend a lot of time in the school’s workshops which are equipped with modern equipment enabling them to gain relevant skills needed in the workforce.

In collaboration with Argon Construction, our team here at Ulti Group supplied and installed perspex welding bay screens and PVC curtains to the new fabrication and welding workshops of the institution.

“The workshop features perspex welding bay screens made of 4.5mm thick red perspex suspended on a Unistrut frame and PVC curtains which allow for entry into the work bays. The frame and clamping system allow the adjustability of the Welding Bay Screens.”

The welding bay screens and PVC Curtains are mounted to divide the room into smaller individual welding bays as well as to protect other students from the dangers caused by welding. The red screens are translucent to allow enough light and enable others to see when someone is working in the welding bay as well as preventing eye damage. These red PVC curtains and perspex screens are also flame retardant, reducing the possibility of fire caused by stray sparks.

While perspex is not one of our usual materials, we applied our knowledge of PVC strip/curtain installation to understand the architect’s vision. This simple yet striking solution ensures a safer hands-on learning environment for the students.


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