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Coda Group – The Music Stops Here! But Ulti Group was Part of the Crescendo

Coda Group’s new Rolleston freight hub is bringing innovative logistics solutions to Canterbury, and we're grateful to have played a part!

Here's how they describe themselves:

A Coda is a term used in music or literature. It refers to the final piece of a musical score, or the last chapter of a book or play, that brings together all the preceding themes into a "conclusion". In doing so, the coda "concludes" the whole piece with a greater sense of "balance and understanding".
CODA CHCH Spiral 19-1675

We see ourselves as an organisation that brings together various parts of the supply chain that were traditionally separate, and then "creates balance" and "makes the parts whole and complete" and ultimately provide our customers with a greater level of "understanding" and a successful "conclusion" that exceeds expectations.

Overall, Coda is an innovative logistics company whose main aim is to reduce waste while exceeding customer expectations.

The new Coda Hub is a 20,000m2 food-grade warehouse facility, designed to provide export packing, import devanning, cross-docking and domestic product handling and distribution.

Being a food-grade warehouse, it is a priority for CODA Group to keep pest and vermin free. CODA Group consulted with Ulti Group to work out the best door and container load out system to suit their needs.

Ulti Group was included in the conceptual design of this project, offering the solution of our Ulti Spiral Door & our Ulti Expandable Container Shelters.

CODA CHCH Spiral 19-1628

CODA Group needed a one door solution with a complete seal, for openings exposed to high winds, and our Ulti Spiral Door was the answer.

The Ulti Spiral is a high quality, rapid acting, insulated door. Designed to maximise security, whilst maintaining the efficiencies of a short cycle time. Great for external applications, handling up to 130km/h wind resistance!

CODA CHCH Spiral 19-1434

The Ulti Expandable Container Shelters combine the flexibility of a dock shelter with the durability of a seal. An energy efficient way to load out at ground level, providing the weather protection CODA Group required.

CODA CHCH Spiral 19-1507We’re grateful that we’ve been able to assist yet another client, with providing a unique solution, suited perfectly to their needs. We've enjoyed collaborating with CODA Group throughout their design and installation journey and we're keen to do the same for you!

With over 25 years in the Industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you through the difficult decisions, and ensure your facility is the best it can be on any budget!


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