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EastPack - A Game Changer for Container Loading

EastPack is New Zealand’s largest Kiwifruit post-harvest operation, with some of the most sophisticated equipment in the industry, and it's just jumped up another notch!

EastPack has recently undergone a project at their Quarry Rd Packhouse, with the aim to increase the volume of container shipments within the Kiwifruit industry.

Originally fork-lifting pallets into container trucks and then manually pallet-jacking them into position under a canopy, EastPack have now upgraded to a complete Container Dock Loading System . Designed, supplied and installed by Ulti Group, this system has revolutionised their container loading process, cutting down the time it takes to load a truck from 45mins to 8mins, a productivity saving of 82%!


EastPack is now using four Ulti Container Dock Loading Systems for their container loading. Each system consists of:

1x Ulti Sectional Door

1x Ulti Container Dock Leveller

1x Ulti Eliminator Shelter

1x Ulti Truck Reversing Notification System

2x Ulti Wheel Guides


These systems allow for better communication between truck and loading personnel, whilst also increasing efficiency by less manual handling of product. It’s been a massive time saver, allowing EastPack to increase the number of container trucks loaded per day, improve their employee safety and happiness, and ensure product integrity.





What were the reasons for undergoing this project?

To increase the volume of container shipments within the Kiwifruit industry.  But mainly to keep our people safe.

Why did you choose to partner with Ulti, as the provider of your access-way solutions?

You offered the best solution we were looking for.

What were the three points that governed your decision-making process?

Price, quality and reputation were the main governing factors.

Has the solution we’ve provided, met your expectations?

Yes, it has improved our truck turnaround time and safety requirements - It has been a game changer for our site!

How was your experience, working with Ulti?

Working with Brent and the installation technicians were a pleasure

Were you happy with our Technicians & the quality of installation?

They were great, a pleasure to work with and made all the necessary changes to accommodate the constraints in our industry.

Any other interesting bits, you’d like to tell us about?

Tell us what you love most about Ulti?

It was a pleasure working with the consultants and technical team.

If the opportunity arose, would you refer us to your best friend? 



It’s been our privilege to partner with EastPack and provide them with quality equipment that protects what matters to them.

Interested in Ulti’s Dock Loading Systems and how you could benefit from implementing them in your facility? We can help you too!

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