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Ferrari Showroom Bi-folding Door

Ferrari Showroom Bi-folding Door

Posted by Johann Dino on 15/12/2017 1:59:21 PM

Ulti Group’s Bi-fold Glazed Door is in Continental Cars’ new state-of-the-art Ferrari Showroom at the heart of Auckland.


Ferrari’s Auckland dealership Continental Cars invested in a brand new state-of-the-art showroom in Auckland. It is the sixth in the world to be built to new Ferrari factory guidelines.

The world-class automotive facility welcomes prospective buyers with the most up-to-date technology and equipment available including Ulti Group’s Bi-fold Glazed Doors.

This Aluminium Framed Glass Vertical Folding Door is a dynamic solution for heavy duty door requirements but with easy operation, durability, strength and a door system to last many years. It is motor operated which gives total control of the door as well as a built-in emergency hand chain.


A closer look at Ferrari’s new Bi-folding Glazed Door by Ulti Group.

The Ulti Bi-fold Door has a standard colour steel cladding that offers a quality pre-finished exterior with the main frame constructed from zinc coated steel. It is not seated within floor tracks as with normal sliding doors. This offers excellent transition between spaces as there is nothing to trip or drive over. With unobstructed openings, the door sits up out of harm’s way – nothing protrudes into the sides of the opening allowing a smooth passage for the entrance of Ferraris to showcase.

This good-looking door allows natural light inside the room with its clear cladding and gives the building daytime illumination. It creates a visually appealing space and is thermal control while maximizing power savings. This door was designed and manufactured to exacting and precise dimensions.

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