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Founded in 1966, Uhlenberg Haulage Ltd has over 50 years’ experience in long distance cartage throughout the North Island of NZ. This family owned and operated company has a reputation for transporting a diverse range of specialized freight from LPG to earth moving equipment. Managed by second.

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Fonterra Te Awamutu Door Upgrades

Fonterra Te Awamutu Door Upgrades

Posted by Johann Dino on 8/09/2015 4:38:50 PM

Fonterra’s Te Awamutu site is the Co-operative’s fifth largest milk processor in New Zealand and the buttermilk capital for the region. As part of standard maintenance Fonterra Te Awamutu needed to replace some doors. Ulti Group is their preferred supplier for all dock and door requirements, and so once again, Fonterra came to us for improved solutions.

Ulti Group replaced 6 High Speed Doors in the Airforce Stores with 5 x Ulti-Roll Doors and 1 x FasTrax XL Door. We replaced 4 High Speed Freezer Doors with FasTrax FR Doors that has helped the site with increased energy efficiency. And we also installed two Fastrax Radial Doors to the entrances of the coolstores as a further means of energy saving and pest control.

Ulti-Roll – A High speed crash-resistant PVC fabric door that rolls upwards, designed for doorways with a continuous flow of traffic

FasTrax FR Doors – High speed insulated freezer door that has the tightest and most reliable seal, the largest variety of track configurations, and a true knock-out and auto re-feed feature.

FasTrax Radial Doors – The fastest door on the market with the largest variety of track configurations, reducing maintenance through its true knock-out and auto re-feed ability. The industry’s safest door with multiple safety features including the reversing bottom edge, thru beam photo eyes and optional motion detection.

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