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Independent Fisheries - Quality In Every Sense

100% Kiwi-owned and family-run, Independent Fisheries Ltd has a rich history as one of New Zealand’s largest deep-sea fishing companies, with a reputation for catching and processing a huge variety of species from the abundant waters of the great southern oceans and delivering  exceptional products to customers around the globe. 


And with high quality food processing, comes a need for high quality rapid doors to ensure product integrity and production efficiencies are maintained. So when Independent Fisheries underwent an extension to their Christchurch facility, they gave the team at Ulti Group a call.

Ulti Group worked with Independent Fisheries to reach a solution that met their needs, supplying and installing a number of Ulti Roll Rapid Doors & Ulti Roll Frigo 2 Rapid Freezer Doors.

When temperature control is important, speed and insulation are key. The Ulti Roll Frigo 2 Door is a unique door designed specifically for Freezers, having two curtains that rise together and are driven by one motor. The curtains have a 290mm air pocket between them, into which treated air is blown, creating effective insulation between inside and outside temperatures and stopping the door from freezing which can be an issue with other doors. In addition, the door seal also prevents warm air entering the freezer space further helping to prevent ice build up.

Independent Fisheries freezers are maintained at a core temperature of -22°C. The speed of our Ulti Roll Frigo 2 Door means that energy loss is minimal each cycle. Fast cycle times also mean the door opens quickly, and remains open for the minimum time required, maximising productivity and minimising the chance of impact damage from forklifts.

190723-Independent Fisheries Ulti Roll Frigo 2 (3)190723-Independent Fisheries Ulti Roll Frigo 2 (2)

However because accidents do happen, each of our Ulti Roll Doors, include a knock-out feature which means that should a forklift impact the flexible bottom edge, the curtain will be knocked out of the side guides and then will automatically refeed on it's closing cycle. This is a huge time and money saver compared to traditional doors where a single hit would put the door out of action and in for costly repairs.

On the ambient, non-freezer doors, Independent Fisheries have opted for clear vision panels for enhanced visibility which is also key to health and safety on site. These panels allow forklift drivers to see any personnel or obstructions that may be on the other side of the door, eliminating potential accidents.

190723-Independent Fisheries Ulti Roll (4)190723-Independent Fisheries Ulti Roll190723-Independent Fisheries Ulti Roll (2)


Independent Fisheries have been working with us for over a decade now. They love our doors and we know you will too because ultimately, finding the right solution for you and protecting what matters most is what we do best.


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