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Jamestrong Packaging Christchurch Project

11 Ulti-Rolls, 2 Ulti Spiral Truck Doors and multiple activation and interlocking systems for cleanroom and warehouse applications, were installed in Jamestrong’s manufacturing facility in Christchurch late last year.

Jamestrong is a leading supplier of metal packaging solutions for canned goods here in New Zealand. With strong growth in infant formula demand, particularly from China, Jamestrong’s production facility located in Hornby, Christchurch was faced with the need to expand their premises. The facility in Christchurch manufacture canned infant and toddler formula products.



20171121-Ulti (Hormann) Spiral-Jamestrong

Jamestrong chose to partner with Ulti Group for their internal fit-out at their Hornby, Christchurch facility. This renovation included the successful installation of 11 Ulti-Roll Doors, 2 Ulti Spiral Truck Doors and multiple activation and interlocking systems.

Lee Broderick, the Production & Engineering Manager at 

Lee BroderickJamestrong Christchurch, was a key decision maker in this project. Ben Suckling a Senior Consultant at Ulti Group worked alongside Lee throughout the project.



Here’s what Lee told us, when we asked him about the project:

Why did you choose Ulti for your project?

We got a range of prices from different suppliers and you came up with the best option. We had been to different sites and seen what they were using. Some of them had your doors, so we knew the product was what we were looking for because it was working in similar situations. And obviously the price was a factor.

How did you find working with Ulti?

Pretty good, pretty responsive. There were delays with door deliveries. 2 doors came from Europe, and they took a long time to get here. But overall things were pretty good.

How did you find Ulti's work ethics? Were you happy with our technicians?

Yes, we all got on well. There were a number of different technicians on site at times. A couple of them returned consistently, that we worked with. Everyone was easy to work with and it went good.

Have we provided satisfactory service post project?

Service has been good. We've had a few problems, just teething issues, but they have been worked on and resolved. Most projects we would get some issues, and we did have special requests around interlocking of doors, so that was one of the issues we had to work through…but we got it right in the end.

Would you refer Ulti in the future?

Yes sure, don't have a problem with the product.

Any other bits you want to tell us about your project?

The doors perform to expectations.

We're looking at doing some alterations and Ulti has given us another quote for more doors. And like I say, they do what we wanted them to do.

Jamestrong understands the critical nature of controlling hazards, defining risks, and complying with quality and food safety certifications, so Ulti Group consulted with Jamestrong early to tailor design the products, activations and interlocking systems to allow total environment control, meeting Jamestrong’s high hygiene and safety standards.

The Ulti-Roll Door is a high-speed vertical rolling door that is crash resistant and is designed for doorways with a continuous flow of traffic. 

The Ulti-Roll doors installed in this facility have varying dimensions, as each doorway serves a unique purpose, so the dimensions of the Ulti-roll doors were customised to fit. Additionally, plastic top frames were also installed with the Ulti-roll doors giving added protection and a clean stylish finish.

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Our Ulti Spiral door (pictured) is a high quality, high-speed insulated door maintaining the efficiencies of a short cycle time, whilst maximizing security and protection for warehouses.

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Ulti Group is glad to have partnered with Jamestrong on this project and feel we have been able to provide the necessary experience and expertise, we have gathered over the past 25 years of partnering with the food industry, to make this project a great success. We’d like to thank Jamestrong for the opportunity to consult with them and provide the working, customised, solution, that meets their needs and expectations.

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