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Foodstuffs North Island has just opened it's new purpose-built primary distribution centre complex at The Landing; a world class business park located right next door to Auckland Airport. Ulti Group are privileged to have provided our Ulti Impactable Barriers to protect what matters most at this.

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Mainfreight Container Dock Project

Mainfreight Container Dock Project

Posted by Ulti Bob on 6/05/2015 2:36:44 AM

Ulti Group recently provided Mainfreight Auckland with a complete package including Dock Levellers, Dock Seals, Dock Communication Systems and insulated sectional doors.

Mainfreight Auckland recently completed one stage of an extension to their warehousing, which included the addition of two new Dock Loading Systems to service multiple truck and trailer types. Ulti Group was proud to be the chosen suppliers of these new dock systems, and have the opportunity to enhance productivity, safety, and environmental control in Mainfreight’s facility.

The aim was to create two extremely versatile dock systems to suit the multiple truck and trailer styles that Mainfreight load and unload at their facility. So Ulti Group used the following products to not only provide a solution to their challenge, but make it safe, productive, and visually appealing solution.

Combo Shelters (full height) – To seal off weather, pests and vermin when the trucks are at the dock.

Container Dock Levellers (custom blue) – To allow trucks with containers positioned in the center of their trailer to back under the dock leveller, which then bridges the gap between the dock and the truck to allow ease of access.

Roller Shutter Doors (custom blue) – Used to seal off the dock opening when the dock is not in use.

Dock Commander – A wall mounted control system which integrates the operation of all the dock equipment, ensuring they are used in the safest and most productive sequence possible.

Truck Levellers – Allows a large range of height trucks and trailers to use the dock, by elevating the rear of the truck to the correct height for the Container Dock Leveller to bridge the gap between the dock and the truck.

Trailer Stands (custom blue) – When a trailer is standing alone with no truck connected and landing gear in use, Trailer Stands are positioned under the front of the trailer to prevent the trailer tipping if its landing gear fails, or if the weight in the front of the trailer causes it to tip forward.

Traffic Lights – Instructs the truck driver to position the truck in the correct place for loading and unloading, and prevents damage to trucks and Mainfreight’s building.

Corner VU Lights – Indicates to forklift drivers inside the building as to when the truck is safe to load.

Dock Leveller VU Lights – Indicates to forklift drivers when the Container Dock Leveller is in position and safe to use.

Flex Head Dock Light – Lights up the interior of the truck or trailer to improve visibility for the forklift drivers.

Signage – Warning signage indicates what each traffic light signal means.


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