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A Dock Loading Solution for Martin Brower - Christchurch

The largest and most experienced supply chain partner to multi-unit restaurants globally! Martin Brower provide temperature controlled storage for many food outlets, McDonald's included!

Martin Brower recently built a new facility in Christchurch, choosing Ulti Group for their Dock Loading Systems.



Ulti Group consulted with Martin Brower, designing and installing a custom-made dock and door solution to meet their unique requirements. Within this project scope, there were many variables including height and type of trucks docking.



Our experienced team designed and recommended the ideal dock pit design and put together an end-to-end loading solution, which included the below…

  • Ulti Insulated Sectional Doors
  • Ulti Vertical Dock Levelers & Dock Commanders
  • Ulti Dock Seals with inflatable headers and under Leveler seals
  • Ulti Sliding Dock Bumpers
  • Ulti Dock Light Communication Systems
  • Ulti Steel Bollards

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Loading Docks are one of the most important parts of a facility and its critical to get it right. With many variables at play, it makes Loading Systems complex applications. Ulti Group specialise in Dock Loading Systems. We custom design and install Dock Systems that are built to meet unique customer requirements, minimising loading area hazards and increasing productivity at facilities all over NZ!


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