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Meat Processing Plant meets Hygienic FRP Fire Door

Meat Processing Plant meets Hygienic FRP Fire Door

Posted by Simeon Prestidge on 23/03/2018 2:37:24 PM

Silver Fern Farms is the largest processor of livestock in New Zealand with more than 20 processing facilities and representing 16,000 sheep, cattle and deer farmers around the country. The company’s beef processing plant in Te Aroha is the country’s most modern beef processing facility and is designed to minimise hazards and ensure full site security.

Silver Fern Farms carried out a refurbishment on their Te Aroha beef processing plant which required hygienic and waterproof fire doors due to washing down in the area. Silver Fern Farms chose Ulti Group to supply and install their fibre reinforced polyester (FRP) fire door.

For this specific setting, a custom-sized Hygienic FRP Fire Door, which is rated at 30 minutes, was required by the client. This fire door has 3 side frames and a drop-down seal. The lock has stainless steel push and pull plates and kick plates on both sides.

This make of Hygienic FRP Fire Door is unique to Ulti Group. A concealed intumescent strip is built into the door, maintaining a smooth and seamless profile that prevents dirt and germs from accumulating. The intumescent strip is activated by the heat during fire and expands to create a sealed fire door.


With few places for dirt and contaminants to hide, our hygiene door offers a great solution to this wash down area.

Entirely made of inorganic material, Ulti Group’s FRP doors are exceptionally strong, lightweight and impact resistant.

Fire Doors are used to prevent fire from spreading and are beneficial in protecting assets and lives. Ulti Group provides a full range of fire doors suited for many different industries.

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