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Foodstuffs North Island has just opened it's new purpose-built primary distribution centre complex at The Landing; a world class business park located right next door to Auckland Airport. Ulti Group are privileged to have provided our Ulti Impactable Barriers to protect what matters most at this.

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NIG Nutritionals Project – 5 types of door gets the job done

NIG Nutritionals Project – 5 types of door gets the job done

Posted by Johann Dino on 3/10/2017 4:08:33 PM

NIG Nutritionals dairy processing facility and packaging plant has been refurbished with Ulti Group accessway solutions – GRP Fire doors, Hygienic Hinged doors, Ulti Roll Rapid doors, an Insulated Sectional door and a Roller Shutter Door.

NIG Nutritionals produce customised high-quality infant formulas as well as other healthy dairy-based nutritional formulas.  All facilities in the site comply with international hygiene standards and specifications for the manufacture of dairy-based formulae for infants and young children.

Ulti Group provided the GRP (Glass reinforced polyester) Fire Doors, GRP (glass reinforced polyester) Hinged Hygiene Doors, Ulti-Roll Rapid Doors, an Insulated Sectional Door and a Roller Shutter Door, each with specialised applications in specific areas within the dairy processing plant.

Features include:

• The GRP Fire Doors combine safety and durability without compromising exacting standards of hygiene. It features a completely smooth and seamless gelcoat finish which is non-porous and non-shedding. It is designed, tested and certified to meet the most stringent fire certifications. GRP Fire Doors are completely heat resistant and designed to withstand areas with high humidity and extreme temperatures.


GRP Fire Door

• The GRP Hinged Hygiene Doors are exceptionally strong, lightweight, impact resistant and chemical resistant. It has a moulded, smooth, seamless, one-piece construction that is easy to clean. Hygiene doors contain no organic material that could shred, warp, swell, rot or rust, even in the most arduous conditions. It will not harbour bacteria and is unaffected by moisture.


Hygienic Hinged Door

• The Ulti-Roll Rapid Door is a quality door system manufactured expressly for and to Ulti Group’s specifications. It is a compact, reliable rapid door that operates at high speed and can withstand the occasional accidental impact/collision, and re-thread itself into the tracks. These doors represent excellent value because they operate at a fast speed, have a great self-repair function, and an excellent seal quality which is a critical feature for doors in this application.



• The other doors installed were the Insulated Sectional door and Roller Shutter Door. The Ulti Insulated Sectional Doors have a fully air tight seals around the full perimeter between each panel, preventing any air transfer and an excellent insulation value.

• The Ulti Roller Shutter Door is designed for large openings and regular use. It is a superior quality door system with a three-phase motor that ensures smooth and reliable operation.

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