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One Great Client - By the numbers

We’d worked with Bidfood before, so when they were upgrading five facilities over the past year, we were keen to remain involved.

The number of countries where Bidfood does business.

Bidfood is the largest national wholesale food service distributor in New Zealand offering an extensive and a complete range of food products and services including fresh fruits and vegetables. Their distribution centres service commercial food businesses all over the country.

The number of locations

Ulti Group worked on the supply and installation of specialised doors and completed dock loading systems in Nelson, Christchurch, Timaru, Invercargill and Hamilton.

The number of doors installed

Our team at Ulti installed 97 doors for offices, Chiller/Freezer rooms, cold store and dry store.

Dock Shelters

The advanced side frame and header technology as well as the flexible side curtains of the Eliminator Gapmaster Dock Shelter provides greater sealing efficiency around the perimeter of the truck whilst effectively sealing the hinge gaps around the truck doors. Friction resistant fabric, durable foam frame sides, and pivoting canopy header can absorb impact from off-centre trucks – all leading to reduced dock loading maintenance and energy costs.

Lost time due to injuries on site.

We adhere to strict Health & Safety guidelines and are Pre-Qual certified.

Incredible client

This project also used 300 cubic metres of crated materials, created 10,000 emails and 500 phone calls.

The most important number for us though, is #1 – our client, Bidfood.

We do projects big and small, and our focus is getting the right solution for you to you at the right time. Get in touch if you are thinking about making some changes or upgrades at your facility.

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