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Ulti Group Project Wins Award for Big Chill Highbrook Supersite

Ulti Group Project Wins Award for Big Chill Highbrook Supersite

Posted by Simeon Prestidge on 6/07/2017 12:14:26 PM

We at Ulti Group are ecstatic that Goodman won the PCNZ 2017 Yardi Excellence Award for Industrial Property for the Big Chill Supersite in Highbrook!

Our team at Ulti was involved in the design, supply and installation of the docking system and the freezer doors on this site. It was a complete door and dock solutions in the ELA (environmental loading area) and freezer.

Key Features:

• An architectural and engineering solution that integrated a corporate head office, two substantial refrigerated warehouses (operating at 3 degrees and -20 degrees Celsius) and 15 loading docks.

• The careful consideration that was given during the design stage to the overall building appearance, allowing for future expansion stages.

• The scale and presentation of the building components, with the office separately located and effectively screened from the truck entry, dock loading and yard.

• The efficient planning and site utilisation, taking into account the topography of the land and the position of the Transpower lines.

• The positive impact of this new facility on the neighbouring communities offering additional employment opportunities.


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