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Ulti-Roll Door replaces torn PVC strip curtain in Supermarket


 A dirty and torn PVC strip curtain has been removed and was replaced by a roll-up door at a supermarket storeroom here in New Zealand.


                          Before                                                               After

As you can see in the picture above, there originally was a dirty PVC strip curtain which wasn’t sealing the Supermarket’s storeroom properly. This is simply a hole for air conditioned air to be lost through and cause a hygiene issue for any food that passes through the doorway!

But, Good news! Our team at Ulti has just installed a nice new high speed Ulti-Roll Door on the storeroom doorway. This newly installed black coloured Ulti-Rolll door is fully sealed and features vision panels so workers can see if there is someone at the other side of the door – which is perfect for storeroom traffic. The door is activated as the workers walk up to the door.

Ulti-Roll doors are high speed crash-resistant PVC fabric door that rolls upwards and is designed for doorways with a continuous flow of traffic. It’s short cycle time keeps the door closed as much as possible to create an effective barrier for wind and temperature between two different environments.

The Ulti-Roll Door installation was completed in one day with some of our diligent Ulti team starting late afternoon and working into the night. Also, it included cutting the legs down due to unforeseen structural interference around the head unit. Massive effort!!

A couple of months before, the Ulti team also installed a grey Ulti-Roll door with an insulated curtain as the main entry into their chiller. The Ulti-roll door installed is activated by a push button beside the door, and is insulated to ensure there is no energy loss through the doorway, saving money for the supermarket.

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