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World-Class Safety for a World-Class Company - Whittakers NZ

Since 1896, JH Whittaker & Sons have been crafting the finest chocolate in New Zealand, becoming a household name as the favourite and most trusted chocolate brand! And while Ulti Group hasn't been around quite that long, we do know a thing or two about keeping people safe in the food manufacturing industry. That's why when Whittakers looked to invest in protection systems throughout their Wellington facility, Ulti Group were able to provide exactly the solution they needed.


Now when you're the manufacturer of the single best chocolate around, ensuring your facility meets the highest hygiene and safety requirements is a must. At Whittakers, they're self-proclaimed "sticklers for quality", living by the belief that 'best is always better.' And as part of this commitment, it is vitally important for them to ensure that their staff, products, and equipment are protected. 

However, creating dedicated areas within a large facility where a lot of staff and machinery are busy at work can often prove a challenge, especially with all the health & safety and food manufacturing guidelines to bear in mind. This is where Ulti Group worked with Whittakers to reach an effective solution to thus ensure their safety requirements were met and help keep their team and equipment safe from harm.


Ulti Group supplied and installed multiple Safe T Gates  and Electric Barrier Arms, as well as our tough but flexible Ulti Impactable Barrier and Bollards. Whittakers needed simple, and easy-to-operate gates, and our Safe-T-Gates fit the bill perfectly, being lightweight, sturdy, and in the words of Whittakers Factory Manager Martin, "Easy."

Furthermore, with Whittakers constantly on the lookout for ways to make their factory operations more sustainable, the functional design, flexibility, environmentally green nature of the product, and fire resistance makes it the perfect sustainable protection system for the Whittakers team. And not only do these barriers keep people on the ground safe from moving vehicles in the facility, but the flexible nature and give upon impact also protects drivers of machinery safe from harm as well. 


Ultimately, investing in the protection of your people, products, and equipment is something that is vital to get right. So reach out and ask us how we can help to provide a solution for you, like we did for Whittakers! - We're Ulti Group, protecting what matters.


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