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Save COLD hard cash on energy with our Ulti Energy Saving Tips!

There are many challenges that can arise when having to maintain a certain environmental temperature in your facility, especially in refrigerated and freezer spaces.

Cold-storage facilities, Food-processing facilities, fruit & vegetable growers or processors, nearly all these businesses will require temperature-controlled areas to ensure food products are kept fresh or frozen and meet food safety requirements. There's also bacteria and other micro-organism growth to contend with!

Or, maybe your manufacturing operation requires temperature consistency for areas of production, or you are a responsible employer who ensures the thermal comfort of your employees both ergonomically and physically.

Whatever your specific requirements, temperature control is key to the viability and value of your products as well as the working conditions for your employees. 

Done well, maintaining even temperatures and minimising fluctuations can save you thousands upon thousands per annum in energy costs. Done badly - well, we wouldn't wish that on anyone.



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Why am I spending so much money?

A common issue that causes a spike in your energy bill is the thoroughfare of cold air escaping and warm air entering your facility. This can be due to ineffective doors with poor insulation, gaps, leaks, loose processes, and in so many cases, the major culprit is slow moving doors. The longer loading dock doors or larger freezer/chiller doors remain open, the harder it is to control and maintain the right temperature for your facility.

In turn, an influx of warm air can lead to ice build-up -  not ideal for any cold storage facility! The energy required to thaw and reset the right level of temperature to get rid of a build up of ice can be an astronomical waste of cold, hard cash!

Another cause of air flow is a result of poorly sealed doors, which leads to air leakage.

Air leakage warning signs include:

  • Ice build-up
  • Mist
  • Visible damage of doors and dock seals

These are some of the signs and reasons you may be leaking energy/money from your facility. What can you do about it? We've asked our expert team to come up with their Top 5 Tips on how to SAVE energy and SAVE money in cold storage facilities.

Take a look at how Ulti designed a customised cold chain infrastructure solution at Big Chill in Grenada.



Ulti's Top 5 Energy Saving Tips

  1. Regular maintenance of your doors, seals and storage units is fundamental in ensuring that your storing conditions are the best they can be. Having regular maintenance checks can also help you tend to problems before they become too expensive.
  2. Maintaining your temperature shouldn’t be so hard! Get a professional from Ulti in to make sure door seal is in good condition.
  3. Monitor your energy use. Is there a spike in energy use this month? Maybe it’s time to update or insulate your cooler and freezer doors.
  4. Invest in a full cold chain loading infrastructure to not only ensure that your products stay the right temperature, but to provide you with a more cost-effective solution.
  5. Shelters and seals are the best way to go in terms of protecting your goods from external factors.


Ulti Solutions

Finding a company that can cater to all your energy saving needs may seem challenging, but here at Ulti we fully customise solutions that will keep the cold air in, the warm air out, and the energy bill LOW!

Trying to lower energy consumption when you’re losing air through your doorways is fighting an uphill battle. If you’re not only struggling to maintain a consistent temperature within areas of your facility, but your energy costs are compounding while doing so, our high speed doors are the answer. The amount of air loss through the doorway will be significantly minimised, in turn lowering the amount of energy required to maintain that consistent temperature.

  • Our range of automated dock seals and shelters are specifically designed to maintain set temperatures in the New Zealand environment.
  • Our Ulti-Flex Door and Fastrax FR-high speed freezer doors provide you with quality insulation, fully automated contactless options, safety features, and high speeds to significantly reduce the amount of warm air getting into cold spaces.

Ulti flex-1Fastrax FRUlti Frigo 2

By investing in the right solution today, you could be saving thousands tomorrow while also maintaining the integrity of your products and ensuring the safety of your people. Not sure if it will be worth it? How about getting in touch with our team for a free assessment of your doorways using our Infrared Camera? Or ask us about our free energy saving calculator which will demonstrate just how much you can truly save by investing in an Ulti Group high speed door. It's for you to decide if it's worth the investment!


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