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Cold Storage

Save COLD hard cash on energy with our Ulti Energy Saving Tips!

Save on electricity prices with high speed rapid doors from Ulti Group which will maintain cold storage temperatures...


5 Reasons Why Your Old Cold Storage Doors Aren't Cutting It

The traditional way to approach controlling the temperature in refrigeration spaces is to install heavy, slow and rigid...


Why Replacing your Refrigeration Systems might not be the Answer

Replacing the refrigeration system in your cold storage facility is not going to fix your ice build-up woes. Trust us,...

Cold Storage

Coldstorage Facilities Can Lower Energy Costs by Choosing the Right Door

It's vital that companies are aware of the latest trends in cold storage door uses, as well as the savings they can...

Cold Storage

4 Biggest Trends in the Cold Storage Industry

Cold storage and refrigerated warehouses are an integral part of supply chains with temperature control initiatives,...

Cold Storage

5 Common Cold Chain Challenges

Companies in the cold chain industry, as with any industry, have challenges that can have serious safety and financial...

Cold Storage

Ways to Reduce Ice build-up in Cold Stores

Water and ice create dangerous slippery conditions in the loading areas with ice building up around cold store...


Cold Storage Doors: Points to Consider

Cold Storage rooms have a main goal of keeping the room temperature constant, to save food spoilage, while saving...