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Welcome to the Ulti Blog!


Now's the Time to Schedule a Service & Maintenance Check-up

During this holiday season we would like to make sure that our customers have peace of mind knowing that their Ulti...


What are the Different Door Activation Options

There is a multitude of ways to automate the activation of doors, from motion sensors, radars, pull cords, push buttons...


Cold Storage Doors: Points to Consider

Cold Storage rooms have a main goal of keeping the room temperature constant, to save food spoilage, while saving...


3 Tips For Commercial Door and Equipment Maintenance

Keeping your facility and equipment in its optimal working condition requires regular maintenance and repair. This not...


6 Ways to Identify Energy Wastage

Many cold stores in New Zealand battle high temperatures in the summer months, with too many have inadequate door and...


How do I Choose the Right Industrial Door?

Today, selecting the right industrial door for your facility is more complicated than ever. There are a variety of door...


What is an Impact Resistant Door?

Sometimes a door may be accidentally impacted when one of these objects is moving through it and some doors are...


5 Factors to Consider before Choosing your Industrial Door

There are a great number of different considerations that come into choosing the ideal door for your facilities needs....


What is an Industrial Door?

Industrial doors are barriers used to separate environments of a facility, yet allow a passage through when needed....