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How can UVC light kill bacteria?

UV-C is the solution for ulti-mate hygiene. As a germicidal light, it has been used since the 1930s as an effective...


New Product Launch: Ulti Roll Food!

Introducing the new Ulti Roll Food! The Ulti-Mate door for Food Industry, designed specifically to meet the stringent...


Can You Afford The True Cost of a Product Recall?

Metal-spiked muffin splits, poisonous fish, and more recently, mice-infested baby food. Do you fully understand the...


7 Critical Features To Look For in Isolation and Quarantine Area Doors

Doors can be a major source of contamination because it is the equipment that is touched the most by patients and...


What is a FRP Door?

FRP stands for ‘Fibre Reinforced Polymer’ a material made from a polymer resin, which is reinforced by chopped strand...


Roller Shutter Doors are not hygienic enough for food processing...here's why!

Back in the day if you were a food processor, retail market or restaurant, you'd just pop open your roller shutter door...