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How to convert between NEMA Ratings and their IP Equivalents

If you're trying to determine the level of protection an electrical enclosure has against various solids and liquids,...


Why Ulti PVC Impactables Are The Ideal Choice For The Food Industry

The Food Industry has an obligation to protect their most important assets whilst complying with strict H&S...

High Speed Doors

3 Reasons Why High Speed Doors Are A Must For Food Processing Facilities

In a Food Processing facility, maintaining environmental control is a must not a given, and similarly, hygiene is also...


5 Reasons Why Your Old Cold Storage Doors Aren't Cutting It

The traditional way to approach controlling the temperature in refrigeration spaces is to install heavy, slow and rigid...


Why Replacing your Refrigeration Systems might not be the Answer

Replacing the refrigeration system in your cold storage facility is not going to fix your ice build-up woes. Trust us,...


5 Reasons NZ is In Great Shape for Post COVID-19 Recovery

The world has taken notice of the way NZ has managed the COVID-19 crisis. Here are 5 reasons why NZ is in great shape...


What is U-Value vs R-Value When it Comes to Door Insulation?

The thermal resistance rating or R-Value is the measure used to determine a material’s ability to resist the transfer...


European VS NZ Fire Resistance Ratings: What's the Difference?

Fire resistance is the ability to withstand the effects of fire and slow the passage of flames, hot gases smoke or...


What are the NZ Fire Ratings for Doors

Fire rated doors have special features that prevent fire from spreading in a facility. The term “fire rating” is very...


How are you keeping your employees cool this summer?

Physical comfort in the workplace is the cornerstone of productivity. That's why investing in employee's support and...