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The Ulti Warehouse Safety Checklist

In a busy warehouse environment filled with heavy equipment and vehicles such as trucks and forklifts, diligence is key to ensure your employees are safe at all times. Of course, we are human and accidents do happen, but they can be costly in both time and money, and, most importantly, the physical wellbeing of your staff. 

Accidents could include:

  • Forklift crashes into stock, shelving, or worse, people
  • Slips and falls on spilled or improperly stored product
  • Strain or injury when working with heavy equipment
  • Chemical or temperature exposure that could cause health problems
  • Personnel being unintentionally hit or injured by backing trucks

Keeping the warehouse or storage facility running smoothly and efficiently requires an effective and clearly defined safety protocol. Having the right systems in place and being aware of the hazards and risks to staff, product and plant will help to minimise accidents that can be costly for any business and downtime to clean up, machinery that needs to be repaired, staff with medical bills can also be reduced significantly or avoided altogether.

To make it easier for you to create a comprehensive safety protocol and develop the best systems to keep your team safe and your business running, our experts have created a checklist to help you and your team with your safety requirements.

The Ulti Warehouse Safety Checklist

  1. Is there clear separation between pedestrians and vehicles?
  2. Are shelving systems robust and well-maintained?
  3. Are company safety regulations on display on the premises?
  4. Are designated areas for sanitising and washing cleaned daily?
  5. Are aisles clear of obstructions?
  6. Do you have designated safety officers on staff?
  7. Is there a need for high visibility workwear?
  8. What are the noise levels like? Is there a need for visual alerts?
  9. Are your hazard zones clearly marked or behind barriers?
  10. What vehicles frequent the facility?
  11. Do you have First Aid kits placed strategically throughout the facility?

Asking yourself these checklist questions is a great start to developing a safety plan. Furthermore, below are a few safety measures that will help guide you to creating the best safety protocols and systems for you.

Warehouse safety measures

Employee Protection

impactable barriers

Protecting you employees is extremely important especially in an environment where there is high risk of injury regarding vehicles and pedestrians. By placing Impactable barrier protection around zones designated for pedestrians, you are helping to prevent accidents that may occur. PVC impactable barriers are shock absorbent which helps to stop vehicles from penetrating through and hurting a worker. In addition, ULTI- Line floor marketing tape will help you to map out any safe walking areas to further protect your employees.

Product Protection

Web capture_26-8-2021_81818_ultigroup.co.nz

Now, while your employees are your main focus when it comes to warehouse safety, it is also important to know how to protect your goods from any damages that may occur. The first safety measure that can be put in place to protect the goods is our  impactable rack protection. These barriers, designed specifically for protecting your racking, provide shock resistant measures that act as a cushion upon impact, preventing costly damage to both your racking, and products, should an accident occur. 

Create Awareness

virtual vision

Being aware of your surrounding is essential in a warehouse environment as so much is going on and so much can go wrong. To further make sure that there aren’t any pedestrian/vehicle run ins, you can set up virtual vision advanced warning technology within your warehouse. The warning technology works by sensing oncoming traffic and flashing a light to alert those around. This helps to reduce accidents that could occur by workers being oblivious to their surroundings.


Furthermore, an overhead mounted Safe-T-Signal Warning System, will detects traffic and tells workers when it is safe to walk or drive by showing LED symbols. 




Safety training and procedures

Mandatory trainings for both new and experienced staff every now and again ensures that they know how to keep themselves and others safe. Having these safety procedure in place enables the warehouse environment to be more controlled and focused decreasing the chance of any accidents to occur.


Making sure your warehouse it as safe as it can be can be challenging on your own. Bring in one of the experts here at Ulti Group to help evaluate your setup and see what safety options are best for you. Enquire below or reach out directly on 0800 807 753.

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