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What is a Bollard?

A bollard is a sturdy post originally used to attach a maritime vessel's mooring line. Today, there is a wide variety of bollards designed and used for a range of functional, safety, and decorative applications.

There are different types of bollards based on their application and use. Most bollards today are designed to secure and protect  buildings and people from moving vehicles. They are also used to manage pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Other bollards are made to have built in bulbs to light pathways and improve the look of a landscape and architecture.

Protective bollards are usually installed to provide maximum protection against potential damages which can be caused by vehicles and fork trucks to a building and other assets. They are very useful in protecting vulnerable building components which are prone to damage such as aluminium racks, building walls, fences and doorways where forklift trucks pass through and may cause damage. Many forklift truck accidents and damages can easily be prevented by installing protective barriers and bollards.



 The photo on the right shows a full frame bollard made specifically to protect the perimeter of a doorway from forklift impact.


Full Frame Bollard





Traditional bollards are made with a steel pipe filled with concrete. This type of bollard is fixed and are either installed into the ground three to four feet deep or base plated on or drilled into the slab. 


Steel Circular Bollards


There are also flexible and impact-resistant bollards that bend on impact. These are designed to do no damage to the floor and  minimise damage to vehicles the hit them. 






Impactable protection bollards are usually made of durable PVC materials which can be easily removed and replaced.





Impactable Barrier Video


This Link Impactable Barrier is a modular barrier that provides a high level of protection and can be adjusted based on the application. The video shows how this impactable system is able to protect vulnerable assets such as aluminium racks, building walls and fences. 


Building repairs and asset replacements are always expensive and take hours of downtime. Installing protective bollards and barriers are a great solution to this.


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