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What is a Dock Seal or Shelter?

Dock seals and shelters are fabric structures that surround the top and sides of a loading dock door opening. Dock seals and shelters are designed to surround the sides of the trailer as it backs in to the loading dock.

If you think about it, each loading dock door opening  represents a giant hole in the wall of your facility. Strung together, these dock openings present an enormous opportunity for bad things to enter your facility – think bugs, dust, wind, rain and rodents – and good things, like expensive heating and cooling energy, to escape.

Weather-related product damage and contamination, employee comfort and safety, facility hygiene and cleanliness, air quality, maintenance of product quality characteristics and passing inspections are all concerns related to protecting and controlling the environment at the loading dock.

Anything a company can do to seal up these holes in the wall, ensuring a complete seal at every dock door, can have an immediate positive effect. 

The benefits of dock shelters in general are numerous. By design they are able to fit larger dock door openings and service a wide variety of trailer heights and styles. And, they are less subject to damage from daily wear and tear as they are not designed to be compressed by the trailer and therefore are not subject to extreme pressure in normal use.

Every loading dock sealing situation is unique and to determine your specific needs, examine the following factors: situation, environmental control, access, long life, support and options.

Protect product quality, energy loss and building damage during your dock loading with innovative dock seals and shelters, which seal off the smallest of gaps and take the harshest of impacts.


One of the best dock shelters out there is there is the revolutionary GapMaster system.

The key to this innovative product is the unique, patented hook-shaped edge along each of the side curtains. As the truck backs in, the GapMaster system grasps the trailer on each side from top to bottom, covering the hinge gap and giving you a complete seal even when the trailer is off-center.



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And the GapMaster system gives you unrestricted access to the trailer opening for optimum productivity so your employees can work comfortably and efficiently while you save energy costs.

This model, the Eliminator-GapMaster system, also provides added durability compared to a traditional shelter made of wood and fiberglass. The impact of the truck can crush a conventional shelter resulting in costly replacement and downtime for your dock. But the Eliminator-GapMaster unit, with strong form side pads, can withstand the impact and maintain the integrity of the unit.

To give you even more flexibility in warm weather, the side curtains can be easily removed, allowing fresh air to circulate through your dock and extending the life of the curtain fabric. The Eliminator-GapMaster model features flexible stays that hold the curtain tightly against the trailer for a better seal and a new head curtain design that exerts less pressure on the pleats for longer life.

The GapMaster system gives you the most comfortable, productive, energy-efficient dock environment available today. So this year don't lose hundreds of dollars in energy costs at each dock position.

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