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What is an Impact Resistant Door?

A door which is impacted or pushed open by a machine, load or personnel going through. Sometimes a door may be accidentally impacted when one of these objects is moving through it and some doors are designed to be ‘impactable’, so the door breaks away from its tracks, lessening the damage on the door panels or skin. Some are also fitted with automatic re-feed technology, so the door completes the next cycle after being knocked out and it repairs itself, feeding its slats or curtain back into the guides.

Impact-resistant doors are designed to take the physical abuse from loading dock operations, and reduce maintenance costs. They are ideal as high-traffic loading doors, or for high-wind load environments and cold storage facilities.

Our Fastrax Door is impact resistant - In the event of an accidental impact the door will simply knock-out of its guides before relocating itself, undamaged, back into position, meaning reduced maintenance costs.



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