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Built just for you, our demo trailer has all the bells and whistles, from our  Stainless Steel Hygiene Hinged & Sliding doors, to Industrial Curtain Walls, Dock Safety Equipment, PVC Impactable Barrier and our Kiwi classic, the grand ‘Ulti Roll’ high-speed door! It will be tripping up and down.

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2020 Year in Review - Thank you for your Continued Support

2020 Year in Review - Thank you for your Continued Support

Posted by Simeon Prestidge on 15/12/2020 4:11:38 PM

This year has been nothing short of extraordinary for both the bad but also the really good. With no real warning and little time to prepare we suddenly found ourselves in a national level four lockdown the first ever in our history.


So many had to suddenly switch to working from home which presented many challenges, not only trying to work and run businesses from a home office but to do this whilst having the entire family in the same space! 

It's Not Just Business It's Personal

Over this time, we wanted to do whatever we could to make our customers days just that tiny bit better. So we created the Ulti Frog Cartoon Character.

Cartoon 4-1

Along with our weekly "How are you?" emails we included different cartoons for you to print off and entertain your kids with, below are some of our favourites. 

Shlloh Medd-2Lohandre-1Annaliese Bisset 12-1Sienna McCallum-1

We also included recipes, how to make playdough, and other fun stuff for the kids,  as well as working from home wellness and productivity tips. This was a trying time for everyone in one way or another, and it really meant a lot to us when we received thank you emails from you our customers, for the family focused content we sent out over that time. We're so happy that we could help even if just a little bit. 

With your continued support we remained strong, and we're just thankful that despite everything, we thankfully all live in a country that handled the pandemic extremely well, and have spent the majority of the year free to go about our lives with near normality. This meant we still got to take part in one of our annual charity events.

The Ulti Mates - Heart Stopper Challenge 

people sat in inflatable pool at fundraising event

People in inflatable pool splashing with a crowd watching

Our team took to the icy waters in October and raised a fantastic $1,131 for helping Kiwi kids born with heart problems. We love this event and have taken the plunge the last few years, so we are grateful to be able to have continued the tradition in 2020 and give back to the community. 

We're looking forward to a new year and a new start, and although we might not be out of the woods yet, we're confident NZ will continue to grow thanks to the continued support of the team of 5 million.  


With 2020 coming to a close, we think that we all deserve a well-earned break. Ulti Group will be officially closed from 11am 23rd December, and opening again 11th January.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get hold of us though. If you have a breakdown, or need some support, you can still call us anytime on 0800 807 753, and you’ll reach our after hours call centre who will be able to direct your call.

Thanks again for your support this year, enjoy your break, and we’ll see you again in the new year.

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