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Built just for you, our new demo trailer has all the bells and whistles, from our  Stainless Steel Hygiene Hinged & Sliding doors, to Industrial Curtain Walls, Dock Safety Equipment, PVC Impactable Barrier and our Kiwi classic the grand ‘Ulti Roll’ high-speed door! It will be tripping up and.

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Foodtech Packtech 2018 - Our Heritage of Innovation

Foodtech Packtech 2018 - Our Heritage of Innovation

Posted by Simeon Prestidge on 24/09/2018 3:40:25 PM

Foodtech Packtech is New Zealand’s largest food manufacturing, packaging and processing technology trade show. The event attracts over 250+ local and international exhibiting companies and some 4,500+ registered visitors. We are proud to have supported FTPT this year!

Foodtech Packtech is all about showcasing new and innovative products/solutions. And with the release of our new PVC Impactables and our own Ulti VR Experience, we attracted a lot of attention from visitors and the organisers of the event!

Our PVC Impactables were a massive smash hit !

Within the hygiene critical food industry, there is a constant need to ensure that goods, people and infrastructure are kept safe, along with the overall requirements of food safety hygiene.

It used to be that the only real choice for barrier protection was steel (or stainless steel). Then we saw the introduction of some polypropylene and polyethylene products, a step forward, albeit with some limitations. However, we now see the emergence of a new and exciting superior PVC Impactable Profile, the optimum balance, that has already proven its worth within the food industry.



Our VR Experience was a great crowd pleaser!

It’s no secret that Virtual Reality (VR) is making a big dent in nearly every industry. From its role in car manufacturing to retail and education, many believe that we are actually on the cusp of a VR revolution that’s transforming the human experience. As today’s food and beverage processing plants become more state-of-the-art, VR is playing an increasingly vital role in ensuring a successful design-build process. Ulti Group now has the expertise to allow you to take a walkthrough of your facility before it's built, to ensure the best suited design and products for your facility.

VR Experience

VR can also be fun, we decided to showcase how real VR can be by sending people on a virtual ride in an escalator 80 stories up to walk the plank out the side of a high rise building. "It's crazy how your mind tricks you...you can't step off". It really made people think about how far VR can take the human mind, and the plethora of potential uses in the Food Industry.



Here's some of the other products we had displayed at FTPT...

Fastrax FRSafe T SignalKomby Door