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At the beginning of 2019, Ulti's Directors committed to donating $10,000 of their charity budget to charities of the teams' choice. However, there was a clause! We must first meet our sales target each quarter...

This proved a great motivator for the team, and we smashed our sales targets during.

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Red Cross Meals on Wheels: Amadeus' Charity Day

Red Cross Meals on Wheels: Amadeus' Charity Day

Posted by Simeon Prestidge on 13/11/2018 2:37:18 PM

Ulti Group employees this year were given an extra paid day off work to spend time helping out the charity of their choice.

Amadeus McKissock of the Southern Sales Team chose to volunteer for Red Cross' Meals on Wheels Program.

The Meals on wheels program makes low-cost, home-delivered, hot meals available to many elderly and disabled people, and those recovering from illness or hospital treatment in New Zealand. Volunteers to the charity would usually deliver these meals.


Let's hear from Amadeus' experience of delivery meals for the charity.

Why did you choose Meals on Wheels as the charity you wanted to support?

I spent a lot of time deciding what to apply for, my grandparents both relied on this charity for a period of time and greatly appreciated it so I decided to give it a go.

How did your volunteering experience go? What did you do?

It was a great experience travelling with Maurice delivering the meals. We drove around a particular suburb in Christchurch delivering meals to patients with illness and/or disabilities who were unable to provide a meal for themselves.


Amadeus with a hot meal before he delivers it to the recipient.

How did it make you feel being able to volunteer and give time to this charity?

It was a great feeling being able to be involved in helping those in need – a feeling of satisfaction!

Anything fun, interesting, quirky you want to tell us about?

Some of the recipients are quite fussy about what they want….. i.e no carrots please!! πŸ˜‰


Good stuff Amadeus! Thanks so much for helping out this very worthy cause! πŸ‘πŸš—