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At the beginning of 2019, Ulti's Directors committed to donating $10,000 of their charity budget to charities of the teams' choice. However, there was a clause! We must first meet our sales target each quarter...

This proved a great motivator for the team, and we smashed our sales targets during.

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Riding for the Disabled: Claudia's Charity Day

Riding for the Disabled: Claudia's Charity Day

Posted by Simeon Prestidge on 8/11/2018 8:41:24 AM

Every year, Ulti Group employees are given an additional day of paid leave and this year, we are spending that time with a charity of our choice. 

Claudia McKissock, Client Support for Sales & Marketing, chose to spend her charity day helping with the kids and the horses at the New Zealand Riding for the Disabled in Christchurch. This charity aims to provide goal-based riding activities that help increase the ability, independence and confidence of people with physical, intellectual, emotional and social challenges.


Let's take a look at Claudia's charity day experience.


Claudia McKissock at NZ Riding for the Disabled for her Charity Day

Why did you choose Riding for the Disabled as the charity you wanted to support?

I chose Riding for the Disabled because I love horses and helping kids. The joy you see on young people’s faces when they’re riding around the arena is so rewarding! I also have a friend whose brother has a disability and often attends the Riding for the Disabled classes. So being able to give time to this charity was awesome!

 How did your volunteering experience go? What did you do?

 My volunteering experience went really well. In the morning, I helped bring the horses in, groomed them and got them ready for their days work. Midmorning, the classes started. I helped alongside another volunteer (Neive). Leading the horses in, around and over various obstacles at the arena.

 How did it make you feel being able to volunteer and give time to this charity?

It was truly awesome! Being able to spend time with the children and the horses was exciting! It’s the first time I’ve volunteered for a charity. I’ve given money plenty of times, however I’ve always found it hard to give time. Life’s busy, work’s important and whenever I have a day off I spend it chilling! So it was really nice to be able to do something for someone else! I want to show my gratitude to Ulti Group for this! Without this new initiative, I probably never would have done it. But now… I’d do it all over again!"


Thanks a lot Claudia!🤗 👍

Cheers for making a positive difference to these young people's lives!