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At the beginning of 2019, Ulti's Directors committed to donating $10,000 of their charity budget to charities of the teams' choice. However, there was a clause! We must first meet our sales target each quarter...

This proved a great motivator for the team, and we smashed our sales targets during.

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We're Evolving....It's time

We're Evolving....It's time

Posted by Simeon Prestidge on 27/05/2019 4:28:25 PM

It's been 26 years of change, ever since our CEO first started out in 1993. Over that time, we've evolved from a team of 1 to one of the country's most trusted providers and service partners of door systems, dock loading systems, and safety solutions, that protect and improve operational efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce both cost and risk at industrial facilities all over the country.


It's time to celebrate the journey we've been on, with a new look to our brand, new logo, and updated colours, while keeping the same great culture of respect and service that you've come to know and trust.

Ulti Group_Master Logo_col_RGB

Protecting what mattersWith the help of expert brand strategists, we've been able to reimagine ourselves, getting to the heart of who we are, why we exist, and why what we do matters. We found all of it could be summed up in three powerful words "Protecting what matters". Above everything else, this is what we do, for our team, for our customers, and more widely, our beautiful country.

Ulti Group_Badges_End to End_col_RGBSo what matters to you? Is it making your distribution centre the safest, and most efficient place to work? Or could it be protecting your food processing facility from contamination by vermin or harmful bacteria? Maybe it’s making sure everything’s compliant and consistent across all your locations?

Ulti Group_Badges_25 Years_col_RGB-2Since 1993, Ulti Group has been protecting what matters most to our customers. We do this by first understanding your business and your needs in sectors from food processing, cold storage and logistics, to retail, healthcare, and more. Then our specialists recommend the door systems, dock loading systems, or safety solutions that will protect and improve operational efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce both cost and risk at your facility.

Ulti Group_Badges_Service Matters_col_RGBWe’re about people, not just products. Problem solving, not just selling. And our service doesn’t end with the sale. We’ve always got your back, with hassle-free maintenance programmes that extend the life of your products, protect your investment, and save on costly breakdowns.

Ulti Group_Badges_NZ Local_col_RGBAs a proudly Kiwi owned family business, we've grown with our customers, and kept our boots firmly on the ground throughout NZ. Experienced yet agile, we love assisting new businesses to get up and running, while having the capacity to look after the big guys - nurturing a culture of respect and service that fosters family values and personal relationships throughout all our dealings.

Ulti Group_Badges_Safety First_col_RGBSafety first is second nature to us. We know the rules, and go beyond compliance, with integrated, future-proofed safety systems designed to protect your people, products and equipment. And we’re proud to supply solutions that conserve precious energy - looking after both our planet and your bottom line.

What matters to you, matters to us. We are Ulti Group – protecting what matters.

Let us know what you think of our new look...

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